As part of the Reading Partners Project, a 'Book Club' was established, with members including BEP DCSI Tracy Ruddle, TS Manager Emma Arnott, and colleagues from a number of schools involved in the project.

Tracy chose the book: Reading Reconsidered by Doug Lemov, Colleen Driggs and Erica Woolway.  Subtitled 'A Practical Guide to Rigorous Literacy Instruction', the book takes readers through a whole school, cross-phase approach to teaching reading from the earliest years, as preparation for academic success and the reading demands of College and University.  At over 400 pages, with an accompanying CD of classroom examples, it is a substantial text and makes for interesting reading.  It is very much about supporting pupils to develop good habits of reading, writing and discussion which they can use with increasing autonomy as they move through the school years.  It gave much food for thought - and subsequent discussion at the Book Club meeting - as members considered such things as the importance of intentional text selection, the possibility of establishing a school- or MAT-wide 'canon' of books that all children read, more explicit teaching of non-fiction texts, and exploring what Lemov et al term 'The Core of the Core':

  1. Read harder texts.
  2. 'Close read' texts rigorously and intentionally.
  3. Read more non-fiction effectively.
  4. Write more effectively in direct response to texts.

Book Club members each wrote a chapter summary and agreed to trial some of the suggested approaches and resources in their own classroom, ready to give feedback and recommendations at the Reading Partners 'Sharing and Celebration' event in July.

If any colleagues are interested in finding out more about Reading Reconsidered or the Book Club, contact the teachings school: