Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is fundamental to the growth of teachers, TAs and leaders at all stages of their career, and a key driver for effective, ongoing school improvement.  As a TSA we hold firmly to our vision of an integrated continuum of support and training from initial teacher training through to headship and system leadership.

Our CPD offer encompasses discrete Programmes of professional development and bespoke in-school training sessions tailored directly to the specific needs of staff.  As part of our commitment to a fully school-led system, all of our CPD is practical, up-to-the-minute and delivered by expert practitioners from within Alliance schools.

Bespoke CPD

We recognise that stand-alone CPD programmes of days at an external venue, attended by one or two members of staff from a range of schools may not meet a school's training needs to support particular school improvement priorities.

As a TSA, we have a number of school-based practitioners with a range of specialisms who can deliver high-quality, bespoke, in-school training on many aspects of teaching and leadership.  We work closely with Senior Leaders from the school requesting the training to tailor the provision to the school's context, the development needs of staff and expected outcomes and impact.  Timings and venues are negotiated to suit the school's needs.

Examples of bespoke CPD we have recently provided include:

If you would like to find out more, or have identified specific training requirements for your staff please contact Shirley Queenan, Teaching School Business Manager on 0121 303 1587 to discuss your school's needs.